Welcome to Together Lexington

A vibrant arts, culture and food scene. A thriving entrepreneurial spirit. A caring, friendly, safe community that places a high priority on education.

Kids2There are so many reasons Lexingtonians are proud to call our community home. That’s why 12 community partners — businesses, non-profits and community organizations — have formed Together Lexington 2017. We want to celebrate that spirit, spread the enthusiasm and invest in our local assets.

Together Lexington will energize the community through a positive marketing campaign and funding projects that will improve quality of life.

We hope you will join us in this effort and make it even stronger:

  • Share your ideas about community projects we can support to help make Lexington even better.
  • Follow the campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Share it with your friends.
  • Help us continue the conversation about why Lexington is a great place to work and live.